Edge Deep Learning Computer

   Coeus edge deep learning computer adopts the third generation TPU chip BM1684 independently developed by SOPHGO. It supports a variety of deep learning frameworks and tools such as Tensorflow, Caffe and PaddlePaddle, and supports mainstream cloud communication and cloud-edge collaboration. Rich I/O interfaces are provided. The whole machine adopts fan-free cooling structure, industrial wide pressure and wide temperature design, and supports wall hanging and guide rail installation. It can extend 5g, 4G and WiFi, and can communicate with terminals through various forms, reducing the forwarding and processing time in data transmission. It significantly reduces the communication delay, shares the cloud data computing pressure and reduces the network flow. At the same time, the device supports remote management and can manage distributed edge deep learning computers through software batch and script.

Specification and Characteristic

Product Model
Application Scenarios

Intelligent transportation,  construction site, river,  airport,  animal husbandry and manufacturing

Deep Learning Processor
Deep Learning Performance
Supports FP32/INT8, capable of simultaneously processing 16 channels of high-definition video
Video Decoding Capability
1080P@960fps, support H264 & H265
Video Encoding Capability
Picture Codec Capability
1080P 480 image/sec
Network Interface
Gigabit Ethernet Interface
USB Interface
2 * USB3.0
Display Interface
1 * HDMI
Wireless Network
M.2interface, Support 5G/WiFi
Other Interface
RS-232/RS-422/RS-485/GPIO/TF/M.2 etc.
Input Voltage
DC9-30V wide voltage input
Other Parameters

1 * HDMI, 1 * RS-232, 1 * RS-485, 1 * RS-422, Several GPIO, 1 * TF, 1 * M.2, 1 * 5G, 1 * WiFi, DC9-30V

Operating Temperature
Deep Learning Framework
Support Tensorflow、Caffe、Paddlepaddle and other AI frames

Partner Introduction

Beijing Nexgemo Technology Official Website

   Established in 2018, Beijing Nexgemo Technology is headquartered in Beijing international information industry base and has an embedded independent R&D and production center.

   Nexgemo focuses on edge computing equipment and industrial computing products and has the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of embedded mainboards, system machines and onboard intelligent devices. COEUS series edge deep learning computers, edge servers and industrial computers were introduced. Has so far provided stable services for transportation, security, animal husbandry, rivers, manufacturing and other industries.

   At the same time, Nexgemo can also provide customized manufacturing services and product customization. Through its own R&D strength and product line, it can help the intelligent upgrading of enterprises.

   Since its establishment, Nexgemo has cooperated with international companies to introduce advanced technology to create localized service advantages, and strive to become an excellent edge computing and industrial IoT equipment service provider integrating R&D, production and sales through excellent R&D, design and quality management capabilities.