Intelligent Analysis Terminal

  The V2722-C series is a video intelligent analysis microserver based on deep learning processor CV1838, which adopts an embedded design, integrates a high-performance TPU module, paring various algorithms. This product is mature and stable and is able to detect, track, deduplicate, and optimize faces, human bodies, motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and license plates on real-time video, and identify target attributes and analyze abnormal behavior.

  The V2722-C series can be applied to five intelligent applications, including unstructured people and vehicles, license plate recognition, smart construction site, face attribute recognition, and behavior analysis, and outputs target attributes and pictures. It is suitable for all kinds of urban road monitoring (sidewalks, intersections), community entrances and exits, high-speed toll stations, various parking lots, campuses and other key monitoring scenarios.


Specification and Characteristic

Product Model
Application Scenarios

Smart transportation, Industrial parks, Smart businesses, Smart campuses, Smart construction sites, Smart communities

Deep Learning Processor
Deep Learning Performance
Master Processor
2-core ARM A53, basic frequency up to 1.3GHz
Video Decoding Capability
H.264 or H.265 I frame and P frame decoding is supported
Video Encoding Capability
Picture Codec Capability
16GB emmc
Network Interface
1 *RJ-45,10M/100M Base-T
USB Interface
USB 2.0 x3
Display Interface
Audio Interface
1* audio input, 1*audio output
Wireless Network
Support 802.11 a/b/g/n, and 4G LTE
Other Interface
1*Micro SD
Other Parameters

Bluetooth supports BT4.2 or above version, 1*TF card, 1*SATA expandable

Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operating Humidity
0%~90%( non-condensing )
Operating System
Deep Learning Framework
TensorFlow / Caffe / PyTorch / Paddle / ONNX / MXNet / Tengine / DarkNet

Partner Introduction

Shenzhen Infinova Limited

    Shenzhen Infinova Limited (hereinafter referred to as"Infinova"or" the company ") is a leading Global Security Products Manufacturer,having a number of offices worldwide. Committed to technology, quality and reliability, Infinova delivers state-of-the-art Digital Surveillance Solutions. The company specialize in offering Integrated Video Surveillance Solutions with a constant endeavor to deliver cutting-edge technology. Its Integrated Solution Portfolio comprises of High Definition Smart IP Cameras, Specialized Cameras such as Ex-Proof Cameras, Intelligent Video Management Software, Intelligent Network Video Recorders, Video Analytics, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Traffic Management Solutions and Financial and Retail Surveillance Solutions. Moreover, Infinova specializes in offering seamless Customized Integrations with multiple systems thus taking technology and comfort to a completely different level.