SOPHGO is a chip company with strong technical strength and entrepreneurial passion. We have inherited the technology, patents, products and customers that BITMAIN has accumulated in the AI field for many years. The company focuses on the R&D and sales of AI chips, RISC-V CPUs and other computing products, which have been widely applied in intelligent video, security, transportation, power, medical treatment, oil and gas, semantics, recommendation, urban brain and other scenarios. SOPHGO has R&D centers in many cities. The company has gathered a large number of professional and technical talents in the fields of chips, algorithms, AI, CPU, etc. The proportion of R&D personnel is more than 60%, including more than 61% of doctors and masters.

Growth and Development

New Hire Development

In order to ensure the smooth integration and rapid growth of new employees, we have developed a phased training program. The experienced, smart and capable tutors with rapid growth experience will help new hires to start a new career successfully and rapidly.

Developing Full Stack Talent

Every new employee is full of unlimited possibilities. We provide great platforms and ample job rotations to help you develop in an all-round and rapid way!

Abundant Communication Opportunities

Want to communicate with industry leaders! We will provide all employees lots of opportunities to exchange ideas by hosting new hire meetings, coffee breaks and brain storm where everyone will exhibit talents and exchange ideas with gurus.