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All the conditions needed to grow into a good chip industry practitioner
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Chip industry (China's chip industry has entered a new era of rapid development)

The integrated circuit industry and the software industry are the core of the information industry and the key force leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation It can be regarded as one of the few companies that lay out both AI chips and CPU chips at the same time

Core products (Cloud edge full-scene coverage for smart cities)

The full range of artificial intelligence products include smart computing chips, smart computing servers, smart computing cards, smart computing boxes, smart computing modules, etc. The rich product formats provide high-efficiency computing platforms for large data centers

Core compensation (Full adoption of market-leading compensation)

Salary-higher than the industry average by about 50%
Award-award employees according to their contributions
Learning-one-one mentor guidance with practice teaching
Accommodation-'Enjoy the Housing Plan' in some cities
Medical-offer commercial supplementary medical insurance
Traffic-Commuter allowance. No need advance payment.

Core technology (Focus on advanced computingarchitecture technology)

It has strong technical advantages in the design of ultra-large-scale computing power chips and the developmentof intelligent computing compilers.
The third generation of AI chips has been mass-produced, and the world's first RISC-V server CPU will be launched soon

Core talents (Collide ideas with top talents and explore unknown technological directions)

Gathering a large number of professional and technical talents in the fields of chips, algorithms, AI, CPU, etc., the proportion of R&D personnel exceeds 60%, of which more than 61% are masters and doctors.

Core culture (Constantly strive for excellence. Be objective excellent)

Values-Keep improving, objective and outstanding
Talent view-Attract people with vision, vision, technology, products, team, salary, culture, look for fellow travelers
Atmosphere-positive, optimistic, gratitude

Recruiting outstanding talents, creating great undertakings, and sharing the fruits of victory is our unchanging view of talents
It will be the best platform for you to show your talents and realize your ideals
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