BITMAIN partners with Skymizer on an open source compiler for ONNX to speed up AI development

BITMAIN and Skymizer today announced their cooperation for ONNC, an open source compiler aiming to connect ONNX to all AI ASICs. Sophon, BITMAIN’s AI ASIC solution, would be the first hardware platform for ONNC development. It would greatly benefit the broad ONNX audience to utilize Sophon for their deep learning inference work.

“BITMAIN is the first ONNC adopter, we are delighted to work with them on ONNC to accelerate the performance of Sophon.” Said by Luba Tang, CEO of Skymizer. “Sophon is an excellent AI ASIC featuring the powerful inference engine with fast memory. Designing a good optimization for saving data movement is a great challenge for compilers. A compiler must provide sufficient flexibility for the unique design and treat every single data specifically and carefully. ONNC leverages the IR design of ONNX and provides rich and effective algorithms to eliminate Sophon’s data movement overhead. AI ASICs vendors can easily reuse these algorithms by just describing its own unique physical cost model in ONNC. Skymizer hopes in most cases that AI ASICs vendors have no need to reinvent these algorithms.”

“By working with Skymizer, the famous compiler veteran, we are confident that it would help our customers go to market faster,” Said by Micree Zhan, CEO of BITMAIN. “Simply by using ONNC to convert the trained ONNX model to a Sophon runtime, customers can instantly enjoy the performance provided by our AI ASICs.”

Skymizer will release ONNC on github and the technical white paper soon. If you are interested in learning more about ONNC development, please follow us on Medium (


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About Skymizer

Founded in 2013, Skymizer is a compiler company providing compiler design service to Deep learning accelerators companies. As compiler and performance experts, we accumulated deep knowledge of system software and hardware. We provide the best compilation strategy and best developing tools solutions for your software and hardware.