BITMAIN Supports the Tsinghua Supercomputing Team to Win the SC18

On November 15th,the supercomputing team of Tsinghua University, supported by Bitmain, won the championship in SC18.

In the ASC, ISC and SC of the three international college student’s supercomputing competition in 2018, Tsinghua supercomputer team has won the championship of all three competitions.

As a leading HPC chip company, BITMAIN has been sponsoring and supporting hardware to Tsinghua supercomputing team since 2016.

The Student Cluster Competition in SC18 was developed in 2007, student teams design and build small clusters, learn designated scientific applications, apply optimization techniques for their chosen architectures, and compete in a non-stop, 48-hour challenge at the SC conference to complete a real-world scientific workload, showing off their HPC knowledge for conference attendees and judges.