BITMAIN is visiting the bay area to promote the latest edge TPU Sophon BM1880

With the emergence of AI technologies, there are more and more AI chips being introduced to the market every day. BITMAIN is one of the few companies that are capable of showing and delivering the real silicon of AI chips to the world.

In December, we are honored to join RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara convention center and Edge AI summit in San Francisco featuring the introduction of BM1880. In both events, we gave talks to outline BITMAIN’s plan for Edge AI products and detail the functions and features of BM1880.

In order to cultivate the ecosystem and reduce the barrier for the developers to test the performance of BM1880, BM1880 based NNS (Neural Network Stick) and EDB (Edge Developer Board) are launched.

In the demo booth of both events, live demo of high FPS (Frames per Second) Face detection, Facial recognition, and YOLO v.2 based object detection are showcased. Many visitors were amazed by the demo and gave us very positive response and feedbacks.

Developers now can go to to download the latest SDK and for the technical white paper. NNS and EDB are already shipped in China and we expect them to be shipped to overseas markets in 2019 Q1. Detailed product information can be found in