Tensor Computing Processor BM1880

BM1880 TPU can provide 1TOPS computing power @ int8, and up to 2TOPS computing power under Winograd convolution acceleration.

Peak performance


Video decoding

H.264 decoding
& MJPEG codec


Multichip parallel operation


Dual-core Cortex A53@1.5GHz & single-core RISC-V@1GHz

Tensor processor

Optimized deep learning architecture

Flexible software design

Ultra-low power architecture

High efficiency and small size package

Wide application and rich scenes

The edge computing AI chip BM1880 can be used in artificial intelligence, machine vision and high performance computing environments.

Easy-to-use, Convenient and Efficient

BMNNSDK (BITMAIN Neural Network SDK) one-stop toolkit provides a series of software tools including the underlying driver environment, compiler and inference deployment tool. The easy-to-use and convenient toolkit covers the model optimization, efficient runtime support and other capabilities required for neural network inference. It provides easy-to-use and efficient full-stack solutions for the development and deployment of deep learning applications. BMNNSDK minimizes the development cycle and cost of algorithms and software. Users can quickly deploy deep learning algorithms on various AI hardware products of SOPHGO to facilitate intelligent applications.

Support mainstream programming framework


Function template