Artificial intelligent vision processor CV1821

Deep learning vision processor with data security and open ecological chain

5M professional security video quality and 0.5TOPS computing power@INT8

Peak Performance


Video Decoding

H.264 & H.265

Professional Security Image

Support 5M, double-eyed image processing, wide dynamics, super star noise reduction



Self-intellectual property tensor processor

Professional security image

Complete Deep learning Toolchain

Safety processor architecture

High integrated high performance platform

Application Scenarios

Intelligent Security

Intelligent Internet of Things

Intelligent Car

Intelligent New Retail

Smart Robot

Intelligent Industry

Intelligent Security

Smart camera, wisdom analysis box, face recognition attendance machine, face recognition access control, smart traffic testing provides intelligent visual front end for the security industry.

Intelligent Internet of Things

Smart garbage sorting, smart city, smart campus, wisdom apartment, etc., providing visual calculation target index tracking.

Intelligent Car

Obstacles perception, reverse image, parking unit detection, driver behavior detection warning, rear mounting soft hard integration scheme, etc. For security assist driving to provide immediate power guaranteed.

Intelligent New Retail

Intelligent unmanned retail, product test identification, no blush face payment, etc. Provide key end-side computing links for intelligent retail.

Smart Robot

Educate robots, inspected robots, welcome robots, entertainment robots, etc., providing neural network machine visual capabilities for all industrial automation terminals.

Intelligent Industry

Intelligent industrial production line defect testing, fault testing warning, smart product sorting, etc., providing safe assistance for intelligent industries, providing production efficiency.

Performance Parameter

Product Features

CV1821 slightly Intelligent IP Camera SoC

Processor core

ARM CA53 @1.2GHz

Self-developed TPU

Support mainstream neural network frameworks: Caffe, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, Pytorch, ONNX and MXNet

Video Encoding and Decoding

H.265 Encode

H.264/MJPEG Codec

Image and Video Processing

Image and video 90-, 180- and 270-degree rotation, Mirror, Flip

3A (AE / AWB / AF) Algorithm

Regional Adaptive Defog

3D noise reduction, detail enhancement and sharping

Sensor belt wide diversion and 2 frame wide dynamics

Support 4x4 Pattern RGB-IR sensor

Audio codec performance

Software Audio Codec(G.711 G.726 ADPCM)

Support audio 3A (AEC, ANR, AGC) function

Video interface


Support two-way inputs

Support MIPI, SUB-LVDS, HiSPi interface

Support CMOS sensor


Support BT.601 / BT.656 Output Interface

Support MIPI-DSI Output Interface

Audio port

Integrated Audio Codec, supporting voice input and output

Support I2S/PCM/TDM interface, docker external Audio codec and provide MCLK clock output


Support safe start and upgrade

Hardware plus decryption

Peripheral interface

Integrated POR, ADC, I2C, SPI, UART, PWM, SDIO 3.0, USB 2.0 Host / Device

Integrated Key Scan, Wiegand

Integrated MAC PHY, support RMII mode, 10/100 Mbps full-duplex or half-duplex mode; support RGMII mode

Memory interface

SiP DDR3 1Gb

Physical specifications

Support multi-level power saving mode

Package: QFN-88 9x9