Neural Network Stick (NNS)

Neural Network Stick (NNS)

a fan less USB stick that designed for Deep Learning inference on various edge application. NNS is powered by high performance, low power Sophon BM1880 chip.

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Processor Sophon BM1880
Supported AI Framework Caffe, ONNX, Tensorflow, Pytorch
Supported AI Models ResNet50, Yolo V2, GoogleNet V1, MobileNet v1&v2, SSD300, AlexNet, VGG16.etc
H.264 decoder, MJPEG encoder/decoder 1x 1080p @60fps or 2x 1080p @30fps H.264decoder, 75fps for FHD images
Interface USB3.0/USB2.0 slave mode, Type A
Dimensions 93.5*27*15mm
Environmental temperature 0 – 40 C (commercial level)
Hot plugin/plugoff Yes
Certification EMC/FCC/3C/CE
Minimum system requirement X86_64 computer running Ubuntu USB3.0 or USB2.0 port


NNS Appearance

What’s inside SophonTM NNS ? It’s BM1880.

The BM1880 TPU provides 1 TOPS peak performance for 8-bit integer operation and provides up to 2 TOPS for Winograd convolution acceleration.

Learn more about BM1880 >>


BMNet: Bitmain Compiler which can convert supported AI models to internal format accelerated by Sophon TPU.

ONNX: ONNX Compiler which can convert ONNX format to internal format accelerated by Sophon TPU.

Quantization Tool: Convert FP32 to INT8 and support calibration function.