Artificial Intelligence Server SA3

SOPHON Artificial Intelligence Server SA3

Based on self-developed artificial intelligence SOC chip, Server SA3 is customized for intelligent analysis. Users in security, video and other industries can popularize video intelligent applications more widely and faster, reduce power consumption and overall cost.

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sa3 advantage


A single SA3 supports about 90 channels of video structuring or about 600 face detection analysis per second

sa3 advantage

High energy efficiency ratio

SA3 is based on an energy-efficient AI dedicated chip, using a low-power master processor to reduce overall power consumption

sa3 advantage

High computational density

In a highly integrated, tightly deployed way, the single SA3 has 18 BM1682 chips built in, thus reducing the TCO

sa3 advantage

High expandability

Multiple server clusters can be deployed, and these servers can be connected through Ethernet to enable users to uniformly manage the server, which can be deployed in the cloud


Model SA3-11 SA3-23
Video structuring ability About 30 channels 1080P About 90 channels 1080P
Face image analysis ability About 300 images per second About 800 images per second
Floating point performance 18T Flops 54T Flops
Master processor Quad-core processor Quad-core processor
Number of intelligent units 1 3
Number of BM1682 6 18
AI computing memory 48GB DDR 144GB DDR
OS Redhat/CentOS/Ubuntu Redhat/CentOS/Ubuntu
Maximum power consumption 600W 1600W
System storage 96GB 288GB
Network Interface 3*GbE 3*GbE
Peripheral 1*USB 2.0, 1*RS232, 1*LCD 1*USB 2.0, 1*RS232, 1*LCD
Power supply AC 220V, 1+1 Redundant power supply, HotPlugIn AC 220V, 1+1 Redundant power supply, HotPlugIn
Cooling Method Air cooling, adjustable fan speed Air cooling, adjustable fan speed
Chassis Specifications 19-inch 1U standard case 19-inch 2U standard case
Size of server case (Depth*Width*Height/mm) 436.4*610*43.6 (Without handle) 436.4*610*86.1 (Without handle)

Application Scenarios

sa3 application

Video intelligent analysis of public security department, traffic department and other departments

sa3 application

Video AI Cloud Infrastructure and Computing Services

sa3 application

Video intelligent analysis of scenes such as parks, radio and television