I am Luo Xiaodou

Red Dot Design Award winning designer, Powered by Strong Artificial Intelligence technology

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Combining specialization, appeal, and practicality, Luo Xiaodou can become a part of the family
Powered with Cloud Computing and Intelligent Speech Interaction, Luo Xiaodou will be an asset to you and your children

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Puzzle Game
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In contrast to traditional unidirectional education,
Luo Xiaodou lets children learn through interaction

Motivated by interactive games,
children’s natural creativity and curiosity
spark their ultimate potential

Robot function family
Family Companion
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Infuse every minute of
growth with love

Speech interaction – live video calling
Be connected to those you love at all times

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Situational Education
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The essence of education
is inspiring the desire to learn

Education through interaction
Let children direct their own learning
Natural growth

Rich content resources encompassing education, entertainment, music, and news…for your family’s listening pleasure

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Classical nursery rhymes
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Encyclopedia entries
Robot resource
hours of English resources
Robot resource
selections of Chinese classics
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Humorous stories

Luo Xiaodou contains an abundance of frequently updated audio resources
covering a variety of content, such as music, Chinese classics, entertainment, popular science, and more.
You and your child will grow together with these fun and educational materials

Create a happy childhood: your child’s growth potential and desire for exploration will be stimulated through games

Video call, Real time reminder, Let family connections be closer

Robot video
Robot video

Useful in a variety of settings – your buddy Luo Xiaodou can go anywhere

Robot outdoor


Racing, football, labyrinth adventureRacing, football, maze adventures
Luo Xiaodou is an athlete
He can go outside to play with your child

Robot family


At home, Luo Xiaodou watches your child grow
He is wise and intelligent,
carrying a bounty of knowledge within

Robot work


Luo Xiaodou is an attentive secretary
He can broadcast the news, play music, and set timers,
making your life easier

Bimodal interaction for easier operation

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