Peak Performance 2TFlops
Max Power 41W when fully operated
Typical Power 25W
Data Precision FP32
Internal Memory Size 32MBytes
External DDR Interface 64bit 2667MHz DDR4 ×4
High Speed Interconnect Interface 10 Gb/s SerDes×40
Process TSMC 28nm HPC+
Package FCBGA, 1599 balls

Sophon BM1680 is a customized tensor computing processor which succeeds the Google TPU. Its internal accelerator core uses enhanced systolic architecture technology similar to the Google TPU.

End of 2015

With its extraordinary success in developing ASICs for the cryptocurrency field, Bitmain begins to explore artificial intelligence and commences development of BM1680.

April 2017

BM1680 tapes out.

End of June 2017

Bitmain receives BM1680 sample chips.


BM1680 is fully compatible with popular AI frameworks, including mainstream Caffe, Darknet, and the optimization of GoogleNet, VGG, ResNet, Yolo, Yolov2 and other models.
BM1680 has been demonstrated in real-world applications: face detection, face recognition, pedestrian detection, and vehicle detection and classification. Open-source demo codes available soon.
The BM1680 also incorporates Alexnet, GoogleNet, VGG, ResNet and other mainstream DL models.

SC1 Deep Learning
Acceleration Card

We offer two Sophon SC1 SKUs: Single BM1680 and Dual BM1680, providing a new level of deep learning acceleration and allowing users to gain a deep understanding of data.

While Sophon SC1 features numerous functions to support multiple application scenarios, due to the large number of design-in customers, we may not have the resources to provide additional technical support for standard features beyond those we announce. Please purchase with caution. Stay tuned for new and upcoming features!

Deep Learning Inference Performance

Network Batch Size Performance (Images/Second) Total SC1 Card Power
AlexNet 1 19.3 38.8
2 35.0 39
4 58.5 40.3
8 87.7 40.2
16 120.7 40.4
32 149.1 41.4
64 164.5 42.2
GoogleNet 1 43.9 38.7
2 48.8 39.0
4 53.2 40.4
8 55.0 40.2
16 70.4 41.2
32 59.4 40.2
64 59.9 40.2
ResNet50 1 15.9 37.5
2 19.1 38.2
4 21.2 39.2
8 22.5 39.3
16 21.2 38.4
32 22.0 38.5


We provide users with the application APIs to boost users to get more efficient acceleration.

Download API >


Sophon SC1 is equipped with a single BM1680. Sophon SC1+ is equipped with dual BM1680s, giving it absolute reliability and stability via high-speed SerDes connections between chips and providing a new level of acceleration. SC1/SC1+ are meticulously crafted with a simple and smooth die-cast aluminum body both inside and out. They feature superior heat-dissipation with vapor chamber cooling technology, premium materials and balanced distribution of highly customized cooling fans. SC1/SC1+ provide outstanding efficiency, creative design and leading performance, delivering a flawless experience.