Standard function list

Face detection

Face recognition

Pedestrian detection

Vehicle detection and classification

More features are upcoming, stay tuned!

Application scenarios

Public security

Medical image

Intelligence finance

Radio and television video analysis


Intelligent retail

Video content examination

Intelligent video advertising and promoting

Success Case Show


Application focused and application customized Turn key solution

Turn key solution for system integrators and end users

Server preload OS and deep learning environment

Holistic integration, deep optimization, co-design of hardware and software

High performance heterogenous optimizations and collaboration

Proven success with delivery of over 10 unique silicon chips; accumulated shipment of billions of chips

Parallel computing optimizations on multiple accelerator cards

Optimizations on data transportation and storage I/Os

First deep learning inference appliance solution

Accelerate deep learning inference for specific applications

Strong improvement of inference throughput, while ensuring low latency.

Strong engineering support and engineering team

Proven delivery success for over 10 silicon chips, accumulated shipment billions of chips

Cooperation with TSMC, accessing the leading semiconductor processes such as 16nm / 12nm / 7nm

Quick response and strong support for customers

High quality datacenter class hardware

Enhanced system performance

High performance, high reliability, thoughtful heat dissipation design, rigorous system testing

Full software source code open to users

Adhering to the concept of open and collaborative ecosystems, all algorithms will be open-source

We seek to promote the application of artificial intelligence, deep learning algorithms and accelerated hardware integration solutions in more industries



CPU Intel E3 1275V6, 4 Cores, 3.8GHz (Max Turbo 4.2GHz)
DL accelerating card 2x SC1+
System power 800W
System memory 2x 8G DDR4/2133-ECC (Max 64GB)
Storage 250G 2.5 inch SATA3 solid state disk (Max 6 SATA disks)
Network interface 2x GLAN (1000M/100M self-adaptation)
Peripheral 4x USB3.0
Display 1x HDMI
Dimension 380(L) x 425(W) x 177(H) mm
Weight 10Kg

Preloaded OS & Software

OS Ubuntu 16.04
Toolkit Preloaded software environment, including firmware, drivers, BMDNN libs, runtime libs...etc.
Test sample codes Preloaded models and testcase codes for Object Detection & Recognition