Datagovernance and intelligent governance based on data and intelligent technology are a new stage of digital government development. Through the realization of the horizontal and vertical connection of government departments, the efficient collaboration of cross-departmental, cross-level, cross-system, and cross-regional business, so that the flow of data resources is smooth , Decision-making supports scientific wisdom, accurate and effective social governance, and convenient and efficient public services.
Through years of open and inclusive ecological cooperation, Sophgo has deeply integrated the industry's leading computing power hardware platform with urban construction and urban governance. It has fully assisted the upgrading and transformation of the social governance system and governance capabilities from informatization, digitization to intelligence in the fields of smart cities, smart computing centers, smart scenic spots, and smart food surveillance.

Application field

Intelligence centers

Smart City

Smart community

Wisdom scenic spot

Wisdom food supervision

Smart government

More application sectors continue to update...

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