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Personnel smoking

Monitor whether there is anyone smoking in the designated area (holding a cigarette by the mouth)

Helmet detection

Detect whether personnel entering the distribution room are wearing safety helmets, and immediately alert if they are not wearing them as required.

Long sleeved inspection

Identify the wearing of long sleeved clothing by personnel in the screen, with a focus on identifying non long sleeved situations

Gun head specifications

Monitor the standardized use of the charging gun by combining the label on the charging gun, detect the landing behavior of the charging gun in real time, and send an alarm signal.

Personnel crossing

Monitor whether personnel are present within the designated area

Work clothes and hats

Monitor whether personnel in designated work areas are wearing work clothes (red and blue, including reflective clothing)

Vehicle Structuring

Identifying the license plate type, license plate color, license plate symbol, vehicle type, color, orientation, driver and passenger seatbelt usage, driver's phone usage, special vehicle types, sunroof, luggage rack, spare tire, and other identifying features of motor vehicles

Harmful organisms (mice)

Detect the food storage area in the kitchen and alert the management personnel for timely handling after identifying mice

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