Capability Open

We empower the four capabilities of the supply chain to our partners and provide closed-loop and one-stop services. SOPHGO and our partners will constantly support each other, create a double closed-loop success in product and business and finally achieve common development and prosperity.

Purchasing Capability

We can assist partners to solve problems including inaccessibility to certain materials, long supply-cycle and weak bargaining capability.

Supply-chain Financing Capability

We allow advance purchase with a certain amount of credit.

Manufacturing Capability

We can provide services including design and manufacturing to partners in lack of experiences.

Warehousing, Logistics and Customs Capability

We can provide domestic and overseas services of warehousing, custody, logistics, transportation and customs clearance.

Advantages of SOPHGO’s Supply Chain

We have powerful supply-chain system.

Annual global purchases of 10 billion US dollars.

Strategic support from global high-end suppliers such as processors, electronic components, PCB and enclosures.

Annual manufacturing capability of one million servers.

Professional supply-chain team with over 100 personnel and a complete IT system.

Warehousing, logistics, after-sales, customs, and tax services to more than 100 countries.

One-Stop Delivery

We can provide flexible delivery solutions to help partners rapidly marketize their product.

Processor-Set Delivery Solution

We can help partners solve their difficulty in procurement and stocking of peripheral devices when using the BM168X processor.

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PCBA/Module Delivery Solution

We support partners to customize design and manufacture PCBA or modules to solve their problem of lacking ability or resources.

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Turnkey Delivery Solution

We provide Turnkey delivery including design, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and customs. Partners only need to focus on core businesses.

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Material Inquiry System