'The 8th China College IC Competition' is a national competition hosted by the Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The competition is oriented to the development needs of the service industry and aims to improve the quality of talent training in my country. It creates a collaborative innovation platform for industry, academia and research, integrates industry development needs into the teaching process, and improves college students' innovative practical ability, engineering quality and teamwork spirit. Promote the healthy and rapid development of my country's technology industry.


  • Background

As the deep integration of intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology progresses, we are swiftly entering an era of smart technology, offering boundless possibilities for various devices and systems. At this transformative intersection, our competition focuses on the design of edge computing systems utilizing TPU processors. We anticipate that participants will fully leverage the computational power of TPUs to drive innovation and development in intelligent applications for edge devices. While ensuring that the edge systems are innovative, practical, and complex, we encourage the application of emerging technologies such as large language models and edge computing in different scenarios and vertical domains.


  • Tasks

Participants are tasked with designing the hardware and software of edge systems based on the SuanNeng TPU hardware, innovating algorithms, and creating new applications. The scope includes but is not limited to consumer electronics (such as smart homes, wearable devices, etc., enhancing the interaction experience of end devices through motion, speech, etc.) and robotics (applications can be developed based on environmental perception, multimodal interaction, etc.). The design must incorporate at least one application of machine vision or a large language model.


  • For a more detailed introduction to this competition, please visit the official website.
  • SOPHGO Cup Ding Group:60650006112


This competition adopts the format of preliminary round + regional finals + national finals. The country is divided into several competition areas. Students participate in the regional finals according to the province where the school is located, and the winners advance to the national finals. It is recommended that participating colleges/research institutes designate 1-2 liaison officers from the participating colleges to be responsible for the organization of their unit’s participation liaison.


  1. Registration: January 2024-March 20, 2024
  2. Submission of preliminary works: May 2024
  3. Preliminary Judging: June 2024
  4. Divisional Finals: July 2024
  5. National Finals: August 2024



  • Eligible Participants

The competition is open to junior college, undergraduate, and graduate students (Master's/Ph.D.).


  • Competition Registration

(1) Students are to form teams on their own (cross-institutional teams are allowed), with each team consisting of 1-3 members and 1-2 faculty advisors. The registration form must be stamped by the school or college.

(2) Each student may only participate in one team, and each team may choose one cup competition to enter.

(3) Teams consisting solely of undergraduates or junior college students will be classified into Group A, while teams with one or more graduate students (Master's/Ph.D.) will be classified into Group B. Teams in Group B are not eligible to register for topics that are exclusively for Group A. (Undergraduate status is determined based on the status at the time of registration)

Official Competition Website: http://univ.ciciec.com


  • Other Matters

(1)Plagiarism, unauthorized use, submission of false materials, or violation of relevant laws and regulations are strictly prohibited in the competition entries. Once discovered, participants will lose their rights to compete and bear all legal responsibilities.

(2)If the competition entry references or adopts published papers or results from others (including existing results from the participants' own laboratories), consent must be obtained, and the specific sources must be cited. This includes actively disclosing the parts used in materials and presentations involved in the judging process, such as technical documentation, defense PPT, and during various stages of the competition including but not limited to the defense in device application, preliminary rounds, regional finals, and national finals, as well as in submitted materials. Undisclosed references will result in point deductions upon discovery.

(3)Entries must not contain any information related to the school or advising teachers; point deductions will be made if discovered.

(4)Non-team members are allowed to provide technical guidance but may not replace team members in participating in the competition process, which includes but is not limited to check-in, defense, on-site setup, and presentation of the work. Violations will result in disqualification.

(5)The organizing committee and its staff shall respect and protect the intellectual property rights of the participating teams. They have the right to use and display the submitted materials, and after the national finals, the committee reserves the right to compile and publish a collection of excellent works.

(6)By registering for the corporate cup competition, teams agree to all terms regarding participation and intellectual property rights of the works as published on the official competition website and bear the corresponding legal responsibilities. Generally, the company that sets the competition reserves the right to purchase the intellectual property of the works of the teams participating in its cup competition and the winners of individual awards under the same conditions, unless otherwise specified in the competition description.

(7)By registering for the competition, teams agree to the "Competition Participation Notice" regarding specific competition arrangements and bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

(8)The organizing committee of the National College Student Integrated Circuit Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition reserves the right to the final interpretation of this charter.

Organizers & Sponsors
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Talent Exchange Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology